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After 10 years of relevant experience in Marketing and Communications working for global companies and with multicultural teams, I felt in love with UX Design, specially UX Research, and decided to explore unknown lands and new borders.

UX Research allows me to wisely combine my natural abilities of understanding people, coming up with creative solutions and communicating ideas clearly. In addition to this, I'm also thrilled to bring and empower more women in tech.

Since I started my transition 3 years ago, I worked as a freelancer in projects for Google and Meta, gave classes in a very important digital school in Brazil, and worked with digital products in tech, health, fitness and agro.

As a Senior UX Researcher, I'm now studying more about creative and future leadership, so that I can pave my next steps.

Are you interested in talking about how leverage the UX Research in your company?

About: Sobre
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