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Personal Brand

Raquel Antonio

I invite you to dive deep with me to know more about the creative process on creating my personal brand.

Personal Brand: Sobre


Letting my mind go with the flow

This process was fun! With a cup of coffee and a country rock song, I tried several types of fonts that were in my head... I kept playing until I came up with something that reflected what I wanted to communicate.

Black Flat & Minimalist Accounting Busin
Black Flat & Minimalist Accounting Busin

Font and Style


Thin line, light curves
Creativity, flexibility, flow
Cursive writing, human touch
Everything is connected as in life
We are all part of the same network

True Colors

My favorite part

Dark Old Rose
Light Old Rose
Dark Mint
Medium Grey

Black Flat & Minimalist Accounting Busin
Personal Brand: Projetos
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