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Skills and Competences

I´m pretty good at this


UX Reseacrh

This is my passion. Research is not only the work I so, but mainly the lens through I see the world. Quali, quanti and mixed methods. I really enjoy testing new UX Research tools!


UX Design

Transitioning from Marketing and Communications to UX Design, I have been leveraging previous skills to boost this one. Currently, I looking for innovative companies that take design seriously.

Basic - Intermediate

AdobeXD & Figma

I am able to design and/or re-design apps and desktop interfaces, as well as, create engaging interactions for the user through mid and high fidelity prototypes.


Creative Problem Solving

Using different frameworks according to the challenge, I am able to dive deep into the real and main problem to ideate creative solutions.


Team work and Collaboration

After 10 years collaborating and sometimes leading teams with diverse background, I am able to quickly blend in and understand team dynamics.


Marketing, Communications & Branding

These were my first love in my career. I worked in these 3 areas for the last 10 years, which helps me a great deal with UX projects. Marketing and Design put people in the front and center.

Intermediate - Advanced

Spanish & English

Calls and presentations in English and Spanish were great part of my routine in my previous positions. In addition to this, a high dose of multicultural empathy.

Resume: Habilidades

Relevant experiences

What I have been doing for customers <3

UX Researcher, Smart Fit

August 2021 - Current

Planning, execution and analysis of quantitative and qualitative research for all 7 digital product squads. High quality insights delivery to make research data turn into design decisions with positive impact on users experience.

UX Researcher Freelancer, Solo Research Lab

Qualitative methods application (ie diary studies as In-depth interviews), findings analysis, research conclusions, reporting and recommendations. Serving global technology customers.

May 2021 - July 2021

UX Design Assistant Instructor, Digital House

Support and main contact dedicated to follow students evolution, engagement and experience along the UX Design course.

Apr 2021 - Maio 2022

Services Sales Enablement Manager LATAM, Ingersoll Rand

Service agreements portfolio transformation. Marketing strategy, Internal and external communications, sales tools and training to delight customer, engage sales team and deliver sales growth.

Apr 2019 - Mar 2021

Channel Comm Specialist LATAM, Ingersoll Rand

Communication breakthrough re-designing comm flows, channels, strategy and execution pace. Trade shows, seminars and internal communications to engage and rise team belonging.

Sep 2017 - Mar 2019

Full and Senior Marketing Analyst, Rehau

New product development, trade marketing communications, branded content for inbound marketing, trade shows and internal events. Basically, a team of one.

Mar 2016 - Aug 2017

Trainee, Junior and Full Marketing Analyst, Alcoa

New product development, sales literature, reports and business intelligence, internal and external events, NPS and trade marketing. A very strong marketing foundation was built here.

Feb 2011 - Feb 2015

Market Research Intern, Enfoque Pesquisa

A lot of fun and lessons learned from real customers in the field. I put a lot of effort on Interviews, focus groups, observations and quantitative analysis.

Apr 2010 - Feb 2011

Resume: Experiência

Degrees and Certificates

A lit bit of credentials. Why not?


UX Design, Google & Coursera

A must have UX Design certificate program that Google has just launched. Soon to be concluded.


UX Design, Digital House

Comprehensive and deep at the same time, this specialization covered not only the entire UX Design process, but also Design Thinking pilars and tools,


Digital Marketing Nanodegree, Udacity

From the basics to results, this course preparedd me to strategize, execute and measure results of different types of digital campaigns in Google and Facebook platforms.


MBA Finance, Fundação Getúlio Vargas

A lot of creativity and ideas without a Finance point of view can be dangerous sometimes. ROI and other metrics are important for the business health and sustainability.


Marketing, Universidade de São Paulo

My graduation in Marketing was key to understand how customers wants and need, business objectives and creativity could live in harmony.  Also, a great deal of research was covered here.

Resume: Experiência
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